Device Sync Simplified

Develop multi-device applications that react to changing state in real-time.

VLCN is an open-source library for state management and sync. VLCN augments SQLite, giving it the power to merge changes from other peers, notify your application of changes, and traverse remote datasets.

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Replicate and merge state without conflict between multiple devices and users -- even with offline changes. Devices can write data whenever they need to and sync whenever network connectivity is available.


As state changes locally or is synced from other devices, your application is kept up to date -- all the way from the network to the database to the UI.


Break the speed of light by reading and writing data locally; don't wait for network round-trips.


You have all the power of SQL at your fingertips, augmented with the powers of reactivity and eventually consistent multi-writer replication. See Convergent, Replicated, SQLite

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