me on Mt. Storm King

After having my son I imagined various conversations I'd have with him over the years and the advice I'd give him about living his life. I realized my life didn't line up what what I'd tell him at so I decided to practice what I'd eventually preach.

In 2022 I left my tech job to starting and build something of my own. This adventure started by resurrecting strut.io (opens in a new tab) and discovering that several areas of software development were still harder than they needed to be:

  1. Client Side State management
  2. Support for offline editing
  3. Multiplayer & collaborative features
  4. Permissions

From that realization, the projects on this site were born. Several others have found my projects to be useful and have contributed to allowing me to continue researching and developing. Erdos Miller (opens in a new tab) gave me my first consulting gig, fly.io (opens in a new tab) my first substantial sponsorship, Johannes Schickling (opens in a new tab) was an early believer and encouraging force for my work.

As things have grown I've gotten much of the "start something of my own" out of my system and look more towards improving the Web with others by contributing to other projects and working with other organizations. The goal being to rise the tide and all the boats in the local-first (opens in a new tab) ecosystem.